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Should I get pre-approved for a home loan before I start my home search?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

It's helpful to consult with your mortgage professional as soon as possible — even before you have started researching neighborhoods. What for? It might be hard to fathom the ways we could help even before you begin to talk about prices and negotiations.

We will help you get Pre-Approved

When we pre-approve you, we help you find out the amount in mortgage payments you can fit in your budget, and the size of loan you can qualify for. We do this by reviewing your income and debts, your work and housing circumstances, the funds available for a down payment, required reserves, and other financial considerations. It's quick and to the point; We keep the paperwork light.

We give you a Pre-Approval Letter after you qualify, that documents that we're confident you can qualify for up to a specific amount of mortgage dollars.

Power in the Pre-Approval

Once you locate a house that is ideal for you, and you decide to make an offer, being pre-approved for a mortgage will do several things:

  • First of all, you have some definite numbers in mind, as the total you will qualify for with your mortgage.

  • Even more important to the seller, your pre-approval letter gives them confidence - as if you had entered their house with a big box of cash to make the offer!

  • The real estate agents won't have to worry about how serious you are about your home search. And the seller won't have to worry whether or not you'll have the funds to purchase the house. Confidence all around!

Your approval for a mortgage loan amount won't be something for anyone to fret over. You have the ability to back up your offer.

Getting a Pre-Approval letter from a lender is basically as good as cash

We will help you calculate how much of a mortgage you can afford, and the amount of money you can borrow, by taking you through pre-approval steps. This process outlines your finances - your debts, income, job, down payment money, among other things. It's short and to the point; and we keep the paperwork to a minimum.


It is vital to sit down and meet with us to walk through your pre-approval process and letter. Mortgage calculators are helpful for broad estimates, however they won't be exact or give you a pre-approval letter in your hands to give to home sellers and real estate agents. Which is what you'll need to be able to confidently make any offer on a home. We'll also make sure we give you all the loan options that you qualify for, so that you can make the best choice with the best rate and terms available! So please reach out so that we can get you what you need, and set you up for home buying success!

Have questions about getting pre-approved? Call us at (888) 727-2466. Paragon Mortgage Services answers pre-approval questions every day.



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